Sæglópur delayed (+advert music, ITV’s F1 title sequence)

The new Sigur Rós EP, ‘Sæglópur’, has been delayed yet again. Which is a bit annoying.

It was originally meant to be coming out some time in spring, but was delayed because of the belated success of ‘Hoppípolla’, with the single having to be re-issued after it was used on trailers for ‘Planet Earth’ until everybody was well and truly sick of it and we were all practically held at gunpoint and made to buy the single until they promised to stop using it.

Now it has been delayed for a second time because of “a delay with the artwork”. This isn’t the first time this has happened to Sigur Rós. The thing is, because of this delay they have completely missed out on the opportunity to capitalise on the fact that the BBC have been using the A-side in every. single. trailer to do with Wimbledon. Ho-hum.

(At least there is still ‘The Eraser’ to look forward to on Monday…)

(Update: Seems as though the delay is affecting the USA only…)

Check out Leyton’s post on advert music.

I always feel quite chuffed when I recognise a piece of music in an advert, especially if it’s from somebody more obscure. Saab are, I think, using one of Aphex Twin’s tracks (”Shiney Metal Rods”, from Selected Ambient Works Vol 2)

He also talks about ITV’s Formula 1 theme tune. This current Moby one is rubbish — it sounds nothing like F1. Infact, ITV’s entire F1 title sequence this year is absolutely ridiculous. Snakes? Scary oriental women? David Coulthard in a tuxedo playing roulette? An owl?? What is it all about? And as for the stings at the break — an F1 car being dramatically launched from a giant helmet? What kind of drugs were they on?!

Previous efforts for ITV’s F1 theme tune from Jamiroquai and Apollo 440 just didn’t hit the mark. Personally, I was hoping that they would keep using that cool remix of ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ forever. That had the potential, in my view, to become as famous as the BBC’s use of Fleetwood Mac.


  1. In my view, ITV probably wanted to escape the ordinary a bit with the F1 title sequence this year after nine years of very ordinary title sequences. In some sort of way, this one seems to reflect how F1 is very much a global sport. Mind you, David Coulthard wearing a tuxedo and playing roulette isn’t much of a surprise when you consider he lives in Monte Carlo, and quite likely pays a visit to its famous Casino now and again.

  2. Heh, I just left a comment here on “What brings me to DoctorVee” and via my Mint Stats, I went to Google to follow up an F1 related link to my site, and have to let you know that literally yesterday I discovered Sigur Ros. I listened to Takk and really enjoyed it. It’s a small world, even online!