FIA still as stupid as ever

If the rules are making F1 not as good as it used to be what would you do? Maybe you would change the rules back the way they were when F1 was good. Not if you’re the FIA. You just make up more rules until the whole bloody thing is stupided up.

Today the FIA has announced that third cars will be no more.

The logic behind this is to get force the race drivers to appear on Fridays which at the moment is not happening because the teams are choosing to preserve their engines by not running, and are leaving their testing work to the third drivers.

Well maybe instead the FIA should consider getting rid of the bloody stupid engine rule, which means that even if an engine fails after a race a driver faces a penalty. It is madness. If a car crosses the finish line then it has done the job, and the next race is the next race. Except if your name is Max Mosley.

I doubt that getting rid of the third driver would encourage the teams to get the big names to run more on Fridays. Engine conservation is a big thing because of the FIA’s ridiculous rules, third drivers or no third drivers. I predict that this rule will see even less action happening on a Friday. But will the FIA ditch their ridiculous engine rules? No, they will just make them even more draconian.

The new rule will mean that test drivers will no longer be able to show their paces.

In an era where it seems to be even more difficult than ever for a driver to get his foot on that first rung of the latter, this is a terrible shame. People like Anthony Davidson, Robert Kubica, Heikki Kovalainen, Alexander Wurz — they’ll all be lost from Formula 1. As it is, they are the unsung heros who haven’t (yet) been given the chance they all probably deserved. If the FIA gets its way (which it probably will) then they won’t even get the glory of performing for the crowds on a Friday. What a pity.

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  1. It’s not the FIA that made this decision, but the F1 Commission – which is made up from the teams, sponsors, and promoters. This is just the first step toward turning Fridays into fan-friendly testing days. Hopefully the plans won’t fall through because of they do then Fridays will be even more of a waste of time than they currently are.