July 2006

Great number 1 albums

The official UK album chart is currently celebrating its 50th birthday. Politicians have already chosen their favourite albums to have reached number 1. Now the public are being given their chance to vote (via Currybet). The fact that you have to choose albums that have reached number 1 is surprisingly restrictive. For instance, you won’t […]

Lots of new old Pulp?

Pitchfork is reporting on the re-releases of Pulp’s classic mid-1990s albums, ‘His ’n’ Hers’, ‘Different Class’ and ‘This is Hardcore’. Although it’s unconfirmed, it seems as though each album will come with a full disc of extras. Although I have most of the b-sides, there are a lot of unreleased demos, live tracks and suchlike. […]

Blogging takes no time at all

A lot of bloggers have had a lot to say about Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s little tirade against blogging. (You can’t read the article now because it is behind a subscription wall. Independent please note: this is why Guardian Unlimited and BBC News are the most popular news sites on the net and yours isn’t.) It is […]

Vox thoughts

I signed up to Six Apart’s funny new blogging / social network service, Vox (thanks to Sarah for the invite!). Is it LiveJournal for grownups? Is it MySpace without the emo kids? We just don’t know. Here is my page on Vox. I’m not exactly sure that I’ll ever use it, given that I surely […]

Radiohead fans’ top 1000 albums

Here is a list of the top 1000 albums according to those folks at At Ease. I discovered a lot of good music from my days posting on At Ease, and this list makes for interesting reading. Some funny choices though (‘OK Computer’ better than ‘Kid A’ — yeah right)! Via DJ Martian.

Classic albums and their blurbs of shit

I think I might be entering a prog rock phase. By that I mean I just bought a Can album. Can is one of those bands that I always hear people talking about, but I’m still not very sure what they’re all about. I knew that they were a (revered) ‘Krautrock’ band, but that is […]

I hope the translator was a lip reader

This evening I had a look at Film4’s first free night. Enjoyed Lost in Translation. But oh dear. The first ad break — the entirity of which was bought by Renault — went out in silence. It looked like a lot of effort went into it aswell. I’m sure there was a new advert there, […]

Social media meme

Damnit! I’ve been tagged by that Jawbox fellow. So now I’ve got to do this meme, called “5 favourite social media thingybobs”, apparently. So here goes. — This is the big one for me. Do you have a website that you always check — it’s all done subconsciously, like — when you’re a little […]

Time Trumpet

Armando Iannucci has got a new programme, which is always good news. It’s got a brilliant title — Time Trumpet — and is due to broadcast in the autumn. It is a clip show set in the future, looking back to the years 2007–2025. Here are some preview clips (via The Whiskey Priest). And oh […]

Problems with WordPress

Problems with WordPress: At the start of today I was having trouble logging in to the admin panel. It turns out that logging in wasn’t a problem, but the Dashboard won’t display. Every other admin page is fine, but I simply cannot get the Dashboard to load. Anybody know what’s happening? I can’t see anything […]