June 2006

Worst. Album title. Ever.

I saw an advert for Shakira’s latest album. Shakira — she’s the one with different vocal style based on every farmyard animal from the chicken to the cow. Anyway, the thing that I found interesting about this advert was that it never actually mentioned the title of the album. Quite crafty of them really. Who […]

The cost of blogging

Guardian Unlimited’s Newsblog: How much does a blog cost? Those of you who write your own might be a little surprised to hear this morning that It’s £40,000! That is the cost of creating and maintaining the posts written by Britain’s first ministerial blogger, David Miliband. Aren’t there enough Labour sheep already doing the dirty […]

The cost of F1

The amount of money spent in Formula 1 is disgustingly large, as most people probably know. Formula 1 Linksheaven reports that Business F1 magazine has produced estimates of F1 teams’ budgets. McLaren: $400m Toyota: $393m Honda: $382m BMW: $378m Ferrari: $329m Renault: $300m Red Bull: $201m Williams: $134m Super Aguri: $95m Midland: $75m Toro Rosso: […]

Nobody would buy the Metro

This MediaGuardian article is speculating as to whether or not The Daily Telegraph is going to go down the route of publishing a ‘lite’ tabloid version alongside its standard back-breaking broadsheet. My opinion on newspaper formats is this. Being a muesli-eating, hand wringing beardy liberal type, I of course think that the Berliner format is […]

Keeping lots of money in your house is very sensible

CuriousHamster is angry about the coverage of those Muslim chaps who have some money in their house. Read it all, as they say. My mum was quite angry as well. At the moment I usually don’t rise out of bed until about midday or 1 o’clock, so she always knows the news way before I […]

It has nothing to do with the Union

I don’t know why some people get so upset about the fact that some Scottish people don’t like to support England. I find it funny how it has become such a big political issue. Some like to pretend that it shows that the United Kingdom is illegitimate and should be split up into separate nations. […]

2006 British Grand Prix

Lots of talking points, even though there wasn’t that much on-track action. Infact, the first session of qualifying was probably the most interesting part of the whole weekend. Track conditions were clearly not too good, probably as a result of Silverstone’s famously unpredictable wind conditions. All of the drivers seemed to be struggling badly until […]

Football and economics

I remember hearing years and years ago about a study that suggested that talented footballers were likely to come from a background of poverty. It seems to make sense. I have a romantic picture in my head: a group of kids, at the end of a hard day’s slog pushing bikes up hills and climbing […]