Apparently the craze sweeping the tennis players at Wimbledon this year is blogging.

…for many of the players, the [rainy] weather meant the chance for many to turn to their favourite pastime — blogging.

Is that a recipe for disaster? Usually when public figures and celebrities try their hand at blogging it is absolutely shit.

Andy Murray’s blog is attracting a fair bit of controversy, which is a good start for a blogger. I cannot stand Murray myself. What a miserable bastard he is. Have you ever seen him smile? I haven’t. Infact, most of the time he is just grumping about a journalist or something. He seems like the sort of person who would frown when he hears he’s won the lottery. Cheer up man! You’ve got a career playing tennis, not bloody toilet cleaning!

Nevertheless, I do like this man’s blog.

I realise my hair’s a bit of a state but it doesn’t really phase me too much. Why get a hair cut when you can just put a cap on? Its cheaper to buy a cap than pay for half a dozen haircuts a year!

Quite right! Even in this post about haircuts and autographs he is still getting a barrage of comments from chippy Englishmen who can’t understand why Murray won’t support a foreign football team (beats me!). For instance, stats is a charming fellow:

typical scotman wont get his hand out of his pocket, get a haircut you tight git!!!

Now who is the racist between Murray and stats? All I can say is, at least Murray is man enough to have unmoderated comments on his blog.

Rafael Nadal is “blogging” for the ATP’s website, but I am taking one look at it and saying, “that is not a blog”. I know that’s getting into the boring old debate about what is and isn’t a blog, but face it: this is a static web page with no comments and not even permalinks.

All I can see is a load of boring photographs and some totally banal writing, completely playing into the stereotype of bloggers writing about their breakfast (for the record, I had two Weetabix today, but I am still bloody shattered). Just as well he was only writing it for the French Open.

All of the many ATP blogs follow along the same lines. I have never heard of Bob and Mike Bryan but apparently they are revolutionary doubles players. Their “blogging” is anything but revolutionary.

Dmitry Tursunov’s “blog” is much more like it. I like his sense of humour. And he is a bit of a typical blogger in that he uses far too many exclamation marks. Good on him I say.

So ATP has asked me to tone down on exclamation points! Oh really?!?! You don’t like them?! Maybe that’s how I feel! Maybe I feel like putting exclamation points!!! Maybe I just like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It smells like Bryanne [Stewart]’s hand has been in it. She’s been turning ATP against my exclamation points!!! The only way to battle it is to put more exclamation points!!!!

But now I am just wondering what Bryanne Stewart’s hand smells like it’s been in… She has her own blog, but hers is a bit different because she is videoblogging, vlogging, vodcasting, whatever the hell you want to call it.

The problem is that it’s quite wooden. It is like watching James Rubin again. “Sorry I missed yesterday,” she says monotonously, “but I had other priorities. Um. Australia was playing in the soccer yesterday.” It ends rather abruptly. There is no goodbye. She just looks at somebody to the right of the camera with an expression that says, “Can I be finished yet?”

So the Wimblogedon revolution hasn’t quite been the complete disaster it threatened to be. Just like all blogs, it is a mixed bag and there are good and bad ones. If this was a tournament it would be a close final between Tursonov and Murray. Unfortunately Tursonov hasn’t written a single word since May, so victory goes to Andy Murray!

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