Mad Max’s stupid survey

Hello, my name is Max Mosley. Please will you take my bullshit survey? I will be able to twist it out of shape and use it as justification for my many ridiculous rule changes, such as making engines last for 200 years at a time and making drivers qualify whilst standing on their heads. I am sane.

Last time around, the respondents to the survey said that Suzuka and Spa-Francorchamps were the best circuits in Formula 1. Already Suzuka has been replaced by Fuji, and the future of Spa is uncertain (it has already been knocked out of this year’s calendar). As for improving overtaking, the only thing the FIA have come up with is a ridiculous diagram of a rear wing with a hole in the middle.

Still, feel free to take this year’s survey!

This year’s most ridiculous question: “Would you like to see more in-depth interviews with sponsors?” What? So that they can tell me even more bullshit than Max does?

What is really interesting is that they seem very interested in podcasts at the moment… No doubt if there is ever a Formula 1 podcast you will have to pay mega bucks for the privilege of listening to it.

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