There have been some changes around here

I’ve spent this evening sprucing up the blog a bit. Nothing major, just a general tidy up. I have decided to put the sidebar back on every page, even though (i.e. because) it’s only got adverts on it. It perhaps makes some of the pages look a bit cramped, although I think that might just be because I’m used to there being soo much space at the sides.

I have also updated the links page. Now I have taken all of the links away apart from other blogs, because to be honest the links I had there weren’t really representative of the sites that I visit, and I can’t be bothered updating it all of the time. I was surprised at how long ago I last updated the blogroll though. It must be almost six months!

The most significant change is the re-introduction of the best of page. This page has always been there, but I hid it away because I could never be bothered updating it. Besides, any time I ever looked at it I always thought, “those posts are rubbish“.

So it is now more of a ‘notable moments’ page, filled with posts which have made Tim Worstall’s Britblog Roundup and suchlike.

Below that bit is an automatically generated list of posts deemed by the plugin that I installed to be the “most popular”. I didn’t choose them — you did by visiting and commenting.

Then there is a list of the most commented-on posts. But beware. If a post has a lot of comments it usually just means it’s attracted a load of morons.


  1. Still too much white. I’m developing an intense dislike of white backgrounds. No idea why, I used to really like them.

    The less of a goth I am, the more I prefer darker sites? How does that work?