Worst. Album title. Ever.

I saw an advert for Shakira’s latest album. Shakira — she’s the one with different vocal style based on every farmyard animal from the chicken to the cow.

Anyway, the thing that I found interesting about this advert was that it never actually mentioned the title of the album. Quite crafty of them really. Who seriously rubber-stamped that album title?


  1. So what is the record called then?
    Smell the Glove?
    No, wait, Sex Farm Woman!

    Hmm, after clicking the link, I am disappointed. Sex Farm Woman would have been better.

  2. I beg to differ: you trying going into HMV and asking the nice young lady behind the counter for a copy of the Cramps’ “Smell of Female”. No anonymous shopping on the internet back in the mid-eighties; oh no, young laddie.

    An Old Git.

  3. my mum was out shopping for my brothers birthday many years back and asked some bloke at a record shop for the “new album by some one called Joshua Tree“, apparently they laughed quite loudly – and pointed her to the U2 section.

  4. […] Usually it isn’t too bad because you’re just walking through it, but today I was standing there for four hours — listening to the same Sharkira album on repeat. All I could think of was “Sex Farm Woman!” Apparently the Shakira thing is the entertainment department’s fault. Just you wait until I get there, I’ll blow everybody’s minds. […]