The cost of F1

The amount of money spent in Formula 1 is disgustingly large, as most people probably know. Formula 1 Linksheaven reports that Business F1 magazine has produced estimates of F1 teams’ budgets.

McLaren: $400m
Toyota: $393m
Honda: $382m
BMW: $378m
Ferrari: $329m
Renault: $300m
Red Bull: $201m
Williams: $134m
Super Aguri: $95m
Midland: $75m
Toro Rosso: $66m

This list shows a few things. Firstly, the FIA is right to be pursuing cost-cutting measures (although whether or not such measures really work is another matter).

Secondly, the biggest spenders are not the most successful teams — although everybody will have suspected that anyway. McLaren, Toyota and Honda clearly all have way more money than sense, and all three teams have fundamental problems. Renault, slap bang in the middle of the list, are dominating the championships with ease.

What is perhaps most surprsing, as Linksheaven points out, is that Williams is one of the sport’s lowest spenders, ahead of only the tail-enders who make up the numbers.

Given Business F1‘s track record, though, perhaps we should take these numbers with a pinch of salt… 😛

A similar story appears in F1 Racing from time to time, and just a few months ago (in the March 2006 edition) they estimated teams’ 2005 budgets. If anything its estimates were even higher.

  1. Toyota — $499.05m
  2. Ferrari — $432.98m
  3. McLaren-Mercedes — $419.95m
  4. B.A.R-Honda — $360.16m
  5. BMW-Williams — $360.12m
  6. Renault — $287.81m
  7. Sauber-Petronas — $161.32m
  8. Red Bull — $139.22m
  9. Jordan — $104.20m
  10. Minardi — $50.31m

The magazine therefore estimated that £1,581,908,857 is sunk into F1.


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