Keeping lots of money in your house is very sensible

CuriousHamster is angry about the coverage of those Muslim chaps who have some money in their house. Read it all, as they say.

My mum was quite angry as well. At the moment I usually don’t rise out of bed until about midday or 1 o’clock, so she always knows the news way before I do at the moment. I was just watching the 1 O’Clock News when the story came on. My first thought was, “hang on — Muslims don’t bank.”

The family is only doing the sensible thing by avoiding a lightning from Harry Hutton.

(Thanks to Shuggy for the reminder of Harry Hutton’s post.)

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  1. Well, there are Muslim banking services, but I would have thought most of those which are run by Western banks probably pocket any interest generated for themselves – an ethical quandry of sorts…

    Please, someone else point out my ignorance of these matters.