If you like getting up early at the weekend…

They must think I’m okay at the old radio thing because today I recorded an interview for Radio Scotland’s Newsweek programme, which is on at 8am on Saturday. I had never heard of this “8am on Saturday” thing before. I was shocked. I’ll probably sleep through it. Or I might stay up for it. 😀

It’s about blogging and citizen journalism and that type of thing. Highlights may include me trying and failing to discreetly slurp some coffee before it’s my turn to speak again. Don’t miss it!


  1. I may actually be up that early tomorrow morning, so may get to listen live.
    If not I will listen to the archive at some point, if only to fondly imagine what could have been, as I once whittered on about blogs to some punter from BBC Scotland’s News dept.
    Perhaps if I was less of an incoherent, raving bawbag that could have been me on the radio!

  2. Hahah! Appearing on Question Time would probably be my idea of hell. I don’t have a phone that can record video anyway so no luck there. 😀

    Of course I wasn’t awake in time, but I just listened to it on the listen again thingy. To save you time, it’s about 35 minutes in. I was quite a small part of a longish report, but it’s weird to hear me like that alongside proper journalists and the like. It seemed okay, but there were a bit too many “y’know”s and that sort of thing. And my parents say that at one point I said “Ah ′hink”! 😯