STV’s big rebrand

Today viewers were given a preview of Scottish and Grampian’s brand new uber-identity, STV — er sorry, I mean stv — which launches next Tuesday.

STV ident The idents are a bit strange. We’re treated to a variety of gormless people goofing about, sometimes in recognisable locations, with a plastic ‘S’ which resembles the old British Steel logo. I think it’s meant to look like they’re all passing the ‘S’ to each other, but the editing is pretty awful so it looks nothing like that. At one point we see a couple of women chatting to each other over a coffee, and this big blue ‘S’ just gets shoved into her hands! Bizarre.

You can see the idents on the video clip attatched to this story on the Scotland Today website. It contains an interview with STV’s big wig Bobby Hain who makes a strange comment about how the two shades of blue in the logo are about people connecting the top to the bottom, or something like that? Where have I seen two shades of blue in a logo before? doctorvee logo

The new logo is nothing though. Here is the press release about it.

stv’s new website, , will be launched later this summer and will feature an exciting new range of entertainment, lifestyle, news and sports services.

Hang on a minute, Just in case you weren’t aware that STV is a television channel, they have put ‘tv’ in the URL twice. This new website sounds rubbish anyway. There are already a million generic websites claiming to offer an “exciting range of entertainment, lifestyle, news and sports services.” They need to get with the times. Don’t they realise that the coolest thing for broadcasters to do these days is to buy social network websites? They can’t all have been taken already?!

There will also be an exciting new gaming section designed to satisfy Scotland’s evergreen love of bingo and quiz-show based games.

Translation: $$$!

This bit is interesting though.

Some of the first services available in the coming months on will include a minute-by-minute comprehensive news service which will be boosted by users posting their own stories, sound bites and video clips…

So is this STV getting into citizen journalism? It could be interesting… But then again, it could just be a bunch of illiterate neds yapping about fitbaw.

The biggest question, though, is what does the ‘S’ stand for? Surely the answer is obvious: Scottish, surely? Well I heard that STV are eager to downplay the idea that the ‘S’ stands for Scottish or Scotland in case it alienates people in the Grampian region! So apparently the ‘S’ can mean anything you want. That’s what S-Club always used to say, so I assumed it just stood for ‘shite’…


  1. […] Now I was never a fan of SMG’s logo, but at least it wasn’t offensive like this one! Now I can see what they’re trying to do here. “Look, we own STV don’t you know, so we’ll use that ‘S’ in our logo.” Very good. Not that the S was very nice looking in the first place. But you can see what they’re thinking with that. But look at the bit after the ‘S’. What is with that ‘M’? […]

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