Official Google Blog:

Pearl Jam’s new music video “Life Wasted” is now on Google Video for free!

…It means that you can download the video for free, share it with your friends, and even post it on your own site–provided you give the band credit and don’t use it for commercial purposes. It’s yet another example of Pearl Jam putting its fans first.

The reality:

We’re sorry, but the provider of this video has not authorized Google to display this video in your location.

I was definitely put first there.

How come it’s released under a Creative Commons license yet I’m not allowed to watch it?

And why does the record industry remain so moronic in the face of the inevitable?

Update: Well I can watch it now, but Boing Boing has more on the Creative Commons weirdness.


  1. Please don’t blame Pearl Jam for this one – it seems extremely likely that they just cocked up when submitting the video. They have released it under a worldwide Creative Commons licence so there would be no reason for them to deliberately impose this restriction.

    Furthermore, Pearl Jam are one of the few bands who offer their live shows in a DRM-free format, and have been trying to fight the larger music companies, and Ticketmaster, on issues of fairness for some time.

    Feel free to criticise the industry, they deserve it, but Pearl Jam are not part of the problem.

  2. I realise you knew the Creative Commons thing now. But yeah.

    The thing mentioned on Boing Boing — an attempt at viral marketing? These things spread faster and better when the band isn’t the one spreading them…