Eurovision thoughts

There are a couple of things annoying me about the Eurovision Song Contest at the moment.

The first is Finland’s entry, Lordi. They are absolutely diabolical. During the semi final on BBC Three, Paddy O’Connell said that they were a sort of protest vote against Eurovision. Yes, that’s right: because they have guitars all of a sudden it is “real” music. Dohh. In actual fact, Lordi must be one of the most unoriginal acts in the final — and that’s saying something. Slipknot and Bon Jovi should seriously consider suing. And the concept of a heavy rock band being in Eurovision isn’t even original either — Wig Wam did it last year for Norway!

A lot of the acts seem to be quite desperate to win the ESC this year. Many mention the fact that they are going to win in the song. But none has gone quite as far as the truly diabolical ‘We Are Winners’ by LT United, who are Lithuania’s entry. There are only six words in the entire song: “We are the winners / Of Eurovision”. That line is repeated over and over and over again. It is really nothing more than an elaborate football chant. What is even more astonishing is that it got past the semi final!

As usual with Eurovision, the issue of ‘political’ voting is all over the place. Norm is in favour of reintroducing the jury. But what phone voting not originally introduced as a plan to stop political voting? It obviously hasn’t worked. But the EBU could never remove the phone voting now — they must make too much money out of it.

I’ve never found the theory about political voting all that convincing. Surely cultural issues are more at play. If it was all down to political voting, the same country would end up winning the ESC year after year, but that doesn’t happen. Well, it used to, but it happened in Ireland. And guess who always gives Ireland a high score?…

Update: If you must know, I voted for Latvia’s amazing a capella effort and for Ukraine — for the third year in a row! My friend voted for Lordi, more than one apparently. I ended up rooting for them in the end. Crazy, huh?!


  1. Lordi are a completely normal Eurovision entry, in a slightly different genre. Introducing “real” music would be besides the point.

  2. I have to disagree with you about both entries, which are perfectly judged piss-takes.

    Lordi’s entry is short of perfection only in that lacks the appearance of a couple Power Rangers to fight with the band at the end of song and as I understand it LT United are Lithuania’a top alternative comedy act and genuinely are taking the piss.

    This is exactly what we should have done years ago – cut a deal with the Irish so between us we entered the Pogues and the Happy Mondays – in fact as they can’t chuck us in the semi’s because of the amount of cash we pay into the competition we could still do it anyway.

    Why enter some twatty little chav when we could put up Morrisey, Babyshambles or Ozzy Osbourne.

  3. Oh. Well, I guess most rock most is so comical it’s difficult to tell when somebody actually is taking the piss…

  4. Totally agree with “Unity”, from what I saw those definitely weren’t serious – anyone who thought otherwise was missing the point.
    I can’t say I’ve got much time for Eurovision these days – seems to be an idea that’s past it’s “best by” date. I didn’t watch on Saturday, and found something less pointless to do instead.
    Got to say that if this is the best of the best “amateur” acts across Europe, then we’re in deep manure. Surely there’s better music out there than the pointless indie/pop wannabe’s?
    Nice to see the winners were “rockers”, (although I ain’t heard the ‘song’ yet), there’s just not that much good rock music around, and maybe their win will encourage some of the talent out there. It’d make a nice change from all this prissy head-up-my-back-passage noise that seems to pass for “cutting edge” music these days.
    Bah humbug! >(