MySpace launches IM client; I reach for gun

Just as it was beginning to look like we would only need to use MSN Messenger and Google Talk to be able to talk to just about anyone (nobody uses ICQ any more, right?), MySpace have decided to create their own IM client.

And just because it’s MySpace, it will be huge. Let’s face it, if there’s anybody in a position to completely demolish the MSN / AIM hegemony in IM-land it is MySpace. I guess we can look forward to random emo-posers, strange men who always seem to have their tops off, and really awful bands all randomly adding people just to say, “A/S/L?”

Of course, Tom is your first friend when you open MySpaceIM. You can say any shit you want, but he’ll always respond, “Woo!”

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  1. I like MySpace a lot, but I really don’t like the IM client. Instead I use the eBuddy client at It’s very easy to use, everywhere available and you can even use different chats (like MSN, AOL, Yahoo etc). Highly recommended!