I have just come home from my final exam of the summer. Hoorah, etcetera. It’s been a pretty bad couple of weeks. The politics exams were easy enough — you can bluff your way through them easily. But I think I actually died during the Economics exam. I’m not certain about that though — I haven’t had time to check. What they say about cramming is true. Don’t do it kids! You’ll only burn out! Instead, relax the night before. Just make sure you memorise all the equations at least a week in advance!

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been blogging recently, but now I’ve got free time until the resits at least. I’ve got lots of things that I’m planning to do over the summer now. You know when you get a list of things that build up. During the study period you always feel guilty when you do anything that is remotely not revising, so you just put everything off. Gah. I am going to try and make myself a useful human being that’s worth something, rather than just sitting about which is what I usually do during the summer… But first I need some sleep. And to read 1,500 blog posts.


  1. BLEH, I have freedom after Thursday…shit exam that day though. I think you should get a job over the summer months. GOAN

  2. Congratulations! Ah, resit time, I’m waiting for it already… (should anything ever get marked so that they discover we need to do resits…)

  3. Yeah, that thought occurred to me. What if they don’t mark the essays before resit time but do before Honours starts and they realise that I facked it up just in time for them to boot me out. Something tells me the Economics department aren’t striking though…

    Alan: I think I will try to get a job, but I would probably just end up selling dodgy car insurance or whatever at MGt…

  4. At least it’s over for you: my final AS levels of the year start on the 26th and carry on till the 12th. 4 exams, but at least the weather should be sufficiently rubbish to prevent any “why can’t we sit the things outside on the grass” type thoughts.

    “I would probably just end up selling dodgy car insurance or whatever at MGt…”

    I assume you’ve already had your “learning the value of hard work” phase?