Last week there was a good post at Stumbling and Mumbling. I didn’t link to it at the time as it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that “left” and “right” are nothing more than meaningless bogey-terms.

We all love to wear hats though, so the usual response to this is to create even more meaningless bogey-terms. People attempt to sum up their entire political perspective with the use of a simple chart. Questionnaires are devised, and everybody’s position on the “political spectrum” is represented on a graph with six axes.

So we have this post which has another interesting take on it. There isn’t a lovely graph with six axes, but there are “sixteen hats”. And I’m as much of a sucker for these things as everybody else is, so I have to do it, haven’t I?

A problem hits me immediately though: I haven’t decided whether humans are naturally good or evil. I think I’ve always thought that humans are evil, but that it doesn’t really matter. Meh.

In the end I think I’ve decided I’m an Augustinian Digger and a Right-Hegelian Whig.

This makes me a Communitarian Reformer. That would be the same as Shuggy. Hmm. Although if I tossed a coin (which I almost may as well have done) and it landed on ‘Pelagian’ that would make me a Hippie Reformer.

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