April 2006

Lazy.b; light.b; lime.c

I am shattered. I feel like I’ve been working hard for a full week, but I totally haven’t. I only went into Edinburgh twice this week and I didn’t even do very much while I was there. (Of course, revision didn’t happen.) The only thing that I can think of is the fact that I […]

Buddha Machine on Radio Scotland

Just a quick post to say for those of you who can’t wait to hear my voice that I’m going to be on Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme tonight (sometime between 4 and 6) talking about the Buddha Machine. You can hear me forgetting all the witty things I had prepared to say in crystal-clear FM. […]

Note for people who don’t like full RSS feeds

I know some people out there aren’t too keen on full RSS feeds. So in my continuing quest to find a use for that Feedburner account, I’ve decided to set it up as a feed that shows extracts only (500 characters maximum). So now you can choose between full posts and extracts. Extracts feed (Feedburner) […]

ITV Schools scarred me for life

Images nicked off Andrew Wood at TV Forum Another ‘Participation TV’ channel (i.e. scheming, conning, shite shite quiz channel) launches this week. ITV Play is replacing Men & Motors on Freeview. All I can say is: at least Men & Motors isn’t much of a loss at least it will have Quizmania on it at […]

Weekend mornings are meaningless once again

It’s a strange time in the music business. The entire pop industry seems to be a bit lost. Much has been made of the fact that in the past month the three main Saturday morning pop programmes, TOTP Reloaded, CD:UK and Popworld (in its current form at least) have all bitten the dust. I could […]

The Fiery Furnaces — Bitter Tea

Every time I buy a new record by The Fiery Furnaces, I’m never quite sure what to expect. They have quite a madcap sound and tracks constantly change in direction, which is sure to keep you on your toes. Despite this, though, their sound remains remarkably consistent from album to album (give or take the […]

The mystery of Mike Gascoyne

Well now that Mike Gascoyne seems to have properly left Toyota as technical director (chassis), some people are asking if he actually deserves to get another job in Formula 1. The people in the Pitpass Forums certainly seem sceptical! It is a comment that comes up every time Mike Gascoyne moves on to another team […]

left blank

Sorry I’ve not been blogging much over the past few days. It was that pesky Real Life business getting in the way. Things have been very hectic. There’s been a little rain cloud hovering over me for the past couple of days. I was told personally that the black background was stopping them from reading […]

links for 2006-04-10

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