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This guy who worked at the BBC decided to experiment with and created an account for 6Music (via So we have a true picture of what 6Music sounds like: 6Music’s favourite artists, favourite tracks and so on, broken down by week as well!

The account kind of sums up why I don’t listen to 6Music. As one shoutboxer, lambieisgod, says, “excellent hack! shame about the u2 :(“. But there you go.

There now appear to be accounts for both Radio 1 and Radio 2 as well. Sigur Rós are the 11th most-played band on Radio 1, and the 16th most-played on Radio 2. This makes both Radio 1 and Radio 2 cooler than the supposedly cooler-than-too-cool-for-school 6Music…


  1. etc played by that radio station, and more importantly opens up neighbour radio for these profiles – so you can listen to the music similar to that played on that radio station randomly without DJs or breaks. Matt first did this for BBC 6 Music, but asdoctorvee pointed out, he’s created user accounts for Radio1, Radio2 and 1Xtra too. So what does this all mean? Great music without much dross (hopefully), from stations to suit almost everyone, played randomly with no annoying DJs or breaks! Magnificent, and

  2. Sigur Rós are getting a lot of airplay on all three stations at the moment as their song “Hoppípolla” is being used to promote BBC TV’s “Planet Earth” series.

    Remember that the profile is by no means complete – it only displays songs accessed on their central hard drives, which they are still building; so anything on vinyl, as well as any rarities, live tracks, Peel sessions etc. don’t get shown.

    Incidentally, although U2 top the artist list, only two of their songs actually appear in the top 280 tracks. Given that they don’t actually play that much U2, from my experience (and I listen to 6 quite a lot these days), I wonder whether it may be some sort of bug.

  3. I’ve taken over this work and the charts with U2 are from last year before the system stopped working. So they’re not representative of what 6Music are playing now but it still seems a bit unlikely. And,yeah, you’re right that we’re not feeding any of the more specialist tracks as well as some of the overnight programmes because they’re sometimes pre-recorded.