Mummy, I need a Wii!

My brother and I have just been pissing ourselves because Nintendo have decided to change the name of their new games console. It was the fairly respectable ‘Revolution’. Now it’s called Wii — pronounced ‘we’. Or ‘wee’. From respectability to instant worldwide laughing stock in one move. Well done Nintendo!

  • So now their console literally is a pile of piss.
  • At least it will be difficult to take the piss out of it (ehhh kind of).
  • The new versions of the games will have to be called, for instance, Mario Wii
  • “Mummy, I’m going to play with my Wii.”
  • “My Wii is broken.”
  • “Your Wii is a different colour to mine.”
  • “I need to get the latest Wii game.”
  • “I’m going to Gamestation for a Wii.”
  • Sony will rename their PlayStation3 console ‘Puu’.

Many of the above shamelessly nicked from this forum (thanks Gordon).

Click here to see the Wii in all its glory.

More here at Joystiq:

  • I need a Wii now! I can’t wait until this fall!
  • “Mum, I finished my homework. Can I play with my Wii some more?”
  • “Hey Mom, Roger’s bringing his Wii over. We’re going to connect his Wii to my Wii and then we’ll play all night.”

…you get the picture…

Update: Canspice:

For the immature person in all of us this is a great day. A great day indeed.


  1. It’s funny, everytime you think Nintendo are turning a corner, they literally come and piss all over you.

    Funniest 5 minutes ever, quickly followed by a depressing realisation that I’m going to have to see this joke on all the gaming sites, for the next 6 years at the very least.

  2. i hear nintendo is aiming its wii at kids
    they have been waiting for wii to come out and hope to wake up with wii at the end of thier beds this xmas

    people are busting for a wii. queing up for a wii etc etc etc