Another new Freeview channel

But should we get our hopes up?

smileTV ;-) is, apparently, “for anyone who likes to smile.” I personally hate smiling — it makes my face hurt.

That slogan doesn’t tell you very much about the content though. All we know is that it’s broadcasting from 1am–5am (part of UKTV History’s downtime) and its EPG position is 37, where Quiz Call used to be, and just past ITV Play and Quiz Call on 35 and 36. That suggests that smileTV is yet another quiz channel, which isn’t very promising…

The other guesses on DigitalSpy include a spinoff entertainment channel for Indians, and porn (due to the 5am close time). There is not even any EPG information. The only clue to the content is that ;-) logo, which doesn’t really lend itself to any of the possibilities…

What’s so strange is that it’s all come so out of the blue. Usually there’s at least some hype before a Freeview channel launches…

Update at 27/04/2006 01:37: Wow, I like this actually! It is one of the cheapest things I’ve ever seen but I like it for this fact. What we have at the moment is a programme called ‘Shortcutters‘ which is a load of really low-budget (but mostly really quite good) short films. It’s obviously been on some Sky channel before, because this is being described as a look back at the rest of the series, and we just had an ad break with no ads as well.

All-in-all, very strange. I mean, where has it come from all of a sudden? Why is it on Freeview? And how the hell is it being paid for when they aren’t showing any ads? But I’m not complaining, and it’s a good use of that previously unused Freeview space.

Update at 01:49: Oh no, I spoke too soon! Now it’s Teleshopping!


  1. 0330: Still Teleshopping, or perhaps infomercials – “Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer” – £119.85 (or 3 x £39.95) + £6.95 postage.

    I could watch these things for hours, some of the product demos and validation scenarios they dream up are truly, truly inspired.

  2. Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer is definitely my favourite. I love it when they’re in a supermarket and getting people to try out the juice. One old lady grimaces, but says, “It’s gorgeous!”

    And who’s ever heard of the word ‘healthful’?

  3. so i take it its just another shopping channel, so why is it on at 1am-5am surely their target audience would be earlier

  4. Actually it’s a quiz channel, so being on late at night isn’t too much of a problem — it is easier to con drunkards at that time.