Buddha Machine on Radio Scotland

Just a quick post to say for those of you who can’t wait to hear my voice that I’m going to be on Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme tonight (sometime between 4 and 6) talking about the Buddha Machine. You can hear me forgetting all the witty things I had prepared to say in crystal-clear FM.

Update: So now I’m back home. This post is rubbish because I ended up using Internet Explorer on my friend’s laptop, when I’m used to using Firefox on the PC at home.

I didn’t think the interview went as well as the last time, when it was just done live over the phone. It all seems very different when you’ve got a massive microphone shoved in your face, and the fact that it was pre-recorded meant that I was probably thinking too much about what I should say rather than actually saying it. Still, I just listened back to it and it doesn’t seem too bad…

Anyway, this post was a bit short notice so on the off chance that anybody is still interested in hearing it, it’ll be here (about 1h 20min in) until tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon…


  1. All hailz thee Doctor! May I suggest you now put “writer and broadcaster” after your name at every possible opportunity?

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