They need a Clause IV. They’ve got a stuck record

So Cameron wants rapid Conservative Party change. Wasn’t that meant to happen when he became leader?

I know all of this stuff about David Cameron needing to find a ‘Clause IV moment’ — something that David Cameron can do to demonstrate that the Conservatives have changed. Some people said that Cameron’s comments about UKIP earlier this week were part of it.

But since there is no Clause IV sitting there in black and white ready to be abolished, it seems as though the best he can do is just go on and on about how much the Conservative Party either needs to, is going to, or already has changed.

The thing is though, if he’s just going on and on about it all the time people will only start to think that he’s talking out of his arse. Didn’t he say the Tories changed months ago? Does that mean they didn’t change then? So how do I believe him this time?


  1. I dunno, I think he’s doing what he does best, which is look at Tony for inspiration.

    In the same way that the Tory party has been “changing” ever since 1997 without ever acknowledging until after the fact that the reason more change is needed is because results of their previous changes were bad, the Labour party has been “reforming” ever since 1997 (with the same lack of acknowledgement).

    Different word, same concept, from where I’m sitting.

  2. Isn’t it enough that the Conservative Party is changing?
    From what exactly, into what precisely, is surely less important than the fact that it’s CHANGE. Which is what David Cameron and his new Conservatives – I mean, really – the whole David Cameron approach to a new kind of politics, it’s that it’s new.
    It’s change.
    Honestly, what could be clearer, are you sure you’re not asking too much…?
    I suppose that’s just the way of the cynical world these days.
    Some people never change.