Franz Ferdinand and Justice

I don’t know how cool it is to admit it these days, but I am really getting into Franz Ferdinand. I’m not usually interested in these indie bands because let’s face it — most of them are basic, bland clones. But Franz Ferdinand really do seem to have something. I borrowed their first album off my brother and I thought it was so-so. A few good tracks, but nothing to really write home about.

But when I heard my brother listening to the second album, one particular track caught my attention — their new single, ‘The Fallen’. But there are other good ones. ‘Do You Want To’ was really good but suffered from overexposure — you just get sick of it when it’s all over the place. ‘Eleanor, Put Your Boots Back On’ is a nice, simple wee tune with the piano. It’s lovely.

Yesterday I watched videos for two of their new B-sides — ‘L. Wells‘ and ‘Jeremy Fraser‘. I love both of these tracks. ‘L. Wells’ is loud celebratory song that sounds as if it’s being sung from the top of a hill. It sounds really Scottish. Meanwhile, ‘Jeremy Fraser’ is simply a great song. B-sides aren’t meant to be this strong! Maybe that’s why the single release is being called a quintuple A-side…

The track I really want to bring your attention to, though, is this remix of The Fallen by Justice. I’d never heard of Justice before. Some investigation brings up this page on and this MySpace page. The other tracks up there suggest that this remix isn’t a flukey one-off. They have completely mangled the song up, chopping the vocals into a meaningless cacophony like an uber-Prefuse 73 and injecting a hefty dose of French electronica. You’d never guess it was The Fallen.

You’ll have to press play 30 seconds, but it’s brilliant so you will.

I’ll probably have to buy the single now…

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