Failed transfer

Prolix has been following all that Davina malarkey so you don’t have to.

File under ‘FT’ (for failed transfer) alongside Johnny Vaughan and Graham Norton. I wonder if that nice Mr Parkinson would come back?

The BBC are rather good at chucking loads of license fee money down the drain by simply buying television personalities from other channels (usually Channel 4) without actually having a programme for them.

In addition to Davina McCall, Johnny Vaughan and Graham Norton there is Richard Blackwood. He wasn’t even funny doing that stand-up variety stuff on Channel 4. The Beeb and Flextech gave him a sitcom which probably single-handedly brought BBC Choice down. He was put out to pasture in a BBC Learning Zone series trying to get kids to volunteer. Last seen on Norwich Union adverts before they realised that the bloke off The Royle Family was marginally funnier.

And then there’s Adam & Joe. After being greatly successful on Channel 4, the BBC bought them and then… I think they ended up doing Glastonbury coverage or something. And Adam & Joe Go Tokoyo (which was actually kind of cool, but I was the only person who thought so). But since moving to the BBC, A&J have never been the same.

Of course, the BBC are hardly the only people who nick presenters off other channels. Michael Parkinson and Des Lynam moved over to ITV from the Beeb. And there are probably countless examples of sport and news journalists moving to Sky from the BBC. But Channel 4 have been a lot more clever. They realised that for a performer to be good he has to be in the right show. So they’ve taken Paul O’Grady onto the other side and made him an almost identical programme (right down to the theme tune). Prolix says that Parky hasn’t worked on ITV — but let’s face it, Parky was a load of balls on the BBC as well.

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