Computer game bad-ups

Scaryduck has a post about the worst computer games ever.

I once bought a flight simulator for my Beeb on the strength of its own advertising copy claiming it to be the best flight simulator ever made. It wasn’t, and it probably remains the one and only text-based flight simulator ever to hit the market.

He also has a list of hypothetical worst-ever computer games which includes ‘Grand Theft Auto: Milton Keynes’.

This actually comes scarily close to one of my friend’s personal projects. Apparently for the PC version of GTA there is a level creator where (funnily enough) you can create your own levels. Well one of my friends did actually begin (and I perhaps still occasionally works on) creating a Grand Theft Auto: Dundee.* Apparently he’s done between the harbour and the Overgate shopping centre, or something. Some people think that I have no life, but that really is entering another realm of sadness isn’t it?

*Although I guess if you were going to choose one Scottish town to be a hotbed of criminal activity, it probably would be Dundee…


  1. Which is sad? That he is making new environments for an existing game? Or that he is just making a virtual representation of something that already exists and not doing anything creative?

  2. Doh! You got me there — never slag anyone off for having an interest.

    He did say though that if he had a girlfriend he would never do it…

  3. Dundee is a far nicer place to live than Kirkcaldy, which in turn is a far nicer place to live than….Baghdad…