“Blogs are bad because… they don’t have editors”

Just saw a story about blogging on the 10 O’Clock News. This woman called Paddy Calistro came on and said that blogging is dangerous because they don’t have editors and therefore can spread misinformation. I didn’t know that editors couldn’t lie. Maybe I should call myself doctorvee: Editor and then you’ll know I’m telling the truth.

Apparently also “in the future” people won’t have other sources to compare to. But actually the reverse is true. Blogs aren’t one source. They are millions upon millions of sources. There is no more MSM oligopoly. Infact, with comment forms (usually free and open, unlike the (edited, by an editor) letters pages of newspapers), Technorati and all the rest of it there probably aren’t many forms of publishing that are more accountable than blogging. Which is why I read them.


  1. Maybe that editor and paragon of truth Piers Morgan could offer his services to the blogosphere as an editor-in-chief? Or would that just be pissing all over ourselves?*

    (*No matter; any pissing will turn out to be faked).