April 2006

BBC Radio on

This guy who worked at the BBC decided to experiment with and created an account for 6Music (via So we have a true picture of what 6Music sounds like: 6Music’s favourite artists, favourite tracks and so on, broken down by week as well! The account kind of sums up why I don’t […]

Yawn, another post about my sleeping patterns. Sorry

I’ve just bought a new alarm clock. Every alarm clock I’ve ever owned has broken. I did have one of those really cheap ones you get out of Argos, but one day the hands stopped moving. Eventually they also began to droop down, leaving gravity to dictate the time. It was permanently 6:30. Useless. So […]

Mummy, I need a Wii!

My brother and I have just been pissing ourselves because Nintendo have decided to change the name of their new games console. It was the fairly respectable ‘Revolution’. Now it’s called Wii — pronounced ‘we’. Or ‘wee’. From respectability to instant worldwide laughing stock in one move. Well done Nintendo! So now their console literally […]

Another new Freeview channel

But should we get our hopes up? smileTV 😉 is, apparently, “for anyone who likes to smile.” I personally hate smiling — it makes my face hurt. That slogan doesn’t tell you very much about the content though. All we know is that it’s broadcasting from 1am–5am (part of UKTV History’s downtime) and its EPG […]

Another blogging milestone reached! has redesigned, and Brad cites the design of this blog as inspiration! It looks like he’s talking about the bit near the top of the home page with little boxes for / Flickr / etc. Incidentally, I’m quite glad he’s gone for a redesign. As he says himself, the last design was a […]

RIAA sues person with song in his head

RIAA sues family that doesn’t own a PC: A Rockmart family is being sued for illegal music file sharing, despite the fact that they don’t even own a computer. Via Boing Boing, where Cory Doctorow says: …this is probably more profitable in the long run than suing people who do share music, since those people […]

2006 San Marino Grand Prix

That was a strange race. It wasn’t very exciting, then it got very exciting, and then it became very boring again. A few points. First of all, I am not at all sure we television viewers got the full story of the race. It is a shame, but you can really tell these days whether […]

MySpace UK seems to have launched

MySpace UK seems to have launched, and the only difference appears to be the addition of a little Union Flag in the logo. In January, a it was announced that: A UK version of the social networking site is to be launched “within the next 30 days”. Now, after 88 days, it is here. […]

And we interrupt this report to bring you a sneeze

I wouldn’t like to criticise newsreaders too harshly. I imagine their job is pretty difficult, particularly on the rolling news channels where there must be a lot to keep on top of. Lots of people seem to bemoan the fact that newsreaders supposedly have an easy job because it consists merely of “reading the autocue”. […]