March 2006


There is an interesting post at about tagging (not to be confused with the tagging that you get with memes). Tagging already has a couple of well-known problems. One of the major ones is the confusion over whether you should use singular or plural. Flickr cleverly bypassed the other problem — words such as […]

David Cameron the digital politician

David Cameron’s budget counter-speech contained a ridiculous metaphor. He is an analogue politician in a digital age. I bet David Cameron was listening to his iPod when that great line hit him. Robert Sharp outlines how analogue is actually, like, good. David Cameron used to work for Carlton, and they knew all about digital. While […]

links for 2006-03-22

Rachel from north London: Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated… (tags: sun media msm london-bombings charles-clarke labour politics current-affairs) – WMSC approves one-week entry window Apparently the FIA needs two years’ notice if teams are going to enter in the 2008 season. Presumably if this isn’t just politicking against GPMA this will […]

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Making the News: Phil Aviary (tags: bbc bbc-news-24 bbc-news weather philip-avery birds humour television) Mr Eugenides: Say no to war, but yes to protesters (tags: humour politics current-affairs iraq stop-the-war mercedes peace) eighteen seconds before sunrise » sæglópur ep out in may the 8th to be precise (tags: music sigur-ros) : On surnames (tags: […]

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Racing legend Eddie Jordan joins Five from Guardian Unlimited: Organ Grinder (tags: formula-1 eddie-jordan sport television media channel-five) Be Lambic or Green » Blog Archive » Almost, but not quite On F1’s niggles (tags: formula-1 malaysian-grand-prix qualifying engine fuel) Bloggerheads (UK) – Popular support costs money (tags: labour democracy politics current-affairs corruption) Gamers Are Getting […]

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ausculture: The Queen’s Thoughts On The Opening Ceremony (PICTORIAL EDITION) (tags: via:cage-of-monkeys commonwealth commonwealth-games sport queen humour) Not Little England: Reasons for electoral reform (tags: politics current-affairs labour electoral-reform) Stumbling and Mumbling: Adam Smith’s influence (tags: adam-smith kirkcaldy fife scotland economics) Tim Worstall: Britblog Roundup # 57 There’s a cool person in there. And me […]

2006 Malaysian Grand Prix

Not a very action-packed race. For a period about two thirds of the way through it looked like it was going to be one of those rare races that actually get closer towards the end, but it was not to be. I didn’t fall asleep though, so I’m becoming expert at surviving these races that […]

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bogol: vender truouble (tags: humour technology dvd dvd-writer hp) Warp Moves Cool (tags: warp-records music electronica idm plaid jamie-lidell dance) > News > Who is where on the grid? The engine penalty rules are really confusing me now. ITV and BBCi both said that M Schumacher would be 10th which I didn’t understand […]

Don’t you see I have important things to do like listen to music?

Somebody has designed a smart little sticker for the iPod Shuffle that signifies whether or not you’re prepared to have a conversation! This design is a visual interpretation of one aspect from my current study about Acoustical Privacy: the iPod as a potential indicator for “non-communication”. Through a playful approach the sticker either strengthens the […]