March 2006

Radio limbo pt. 1

I’ve had a bit of an up and down relationship with the radio. I’m the sort of person who wants to be able to tune into a radio station and be able to listen to it whenever my whim takes me, at any time of the day. But whenever I think I’ve found what I’m […]

ITV’s USGP coverage is up for a Bafta

ITV1’s coverage of the 2005 United States Grand Prix — yes, that one — has been nominated for a Bafta! It’s true you know. The idea seems strange at first. Are you sure they got the right race? Well, although the USGP may have marked a real low point for Formula 1, I think it […]

links for 2006-03-27

BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | F1 rebels sign up for 2008 series (tags: formula-1 fia gpma mclaren toyota honda bmw mercedes renault) Pickled Politics » Treating different races with different narratives (tags: current-affairs racism frank-ellis free-speech university leeds-university)

Sport and the state

Apparently Scotland did wonderfully well at the Commonwealth Games. Sixth in the medals table does indeed sound pretty impressive. But on the other hand, it probably just emphasises the inherent pointlessness of the Commonwealth Games. Jonathan Calder has a good post about the fact that this success has led to politicians taking the credit. His […]

Live Boosh

I hope the new colour scheme isn’t putting anybody off? I’ve not been blogging very much recently. Mostly cos I couldn’t be arsed. But yesterday I was away to see The Mighty Boosh in Edinburgh. It’s the first time I’ve gone outside for almost four years. Why don’t I do it more often?! Anyway, the […]

links for 2006-03-24 Unfortunatley named authors (tags: via:new-links humour books technology internet names) firefox.jpg on Flickr – Photo Sharing! With links to info on real firefoxes (tags: via:boing-boing animals browsers firefox mozilla technology cute) Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority, according to new U of M study : News Releases: UMNnews: U of M. (tags: via:recursived […]

This is what we (used to) do

The BBC unveiled it’s big new marketing campaign, apparently their first one since Perfect Day (whoa, that’s about ten years, huh?). It’s a nice idea. I like the fact that they’re quite understated. Such a nice contrast to those unbearable Freeview adverts. But have you noticed something? John Simpson ‘liberated’ Kabul five years ago (complete […]

Exams: bleargh

When you first saw that image in your peripheral vision, what did you think that was? I bet you thought it was a toilet. This is the image they’re using for the new ‘exam revision’ section on our university course’s website. What’s more, it’s about twice the size of all the other icons. Every time […]

links for 2006-03-23 > News > That nasty Fernando Alonso I just thought he looked camp… (tags: fernando-alonso bahrain-grand-prix spain bullfighting) Boing Boing: Yahoo: if you use our ads, you have to block non-US visitors (tags: yahoo technology adverts) No geek is an island » Blog Archive » On my way home On the upcoming smoking ban […]