Quick admin roundup

A lot has changed since I last actually told you about any of it, but I’m sure you coped. I’ve not had very much feedback about the new colour scheme which I’m calling Ceefax. Maybe it’s cos you’re not interested.

If it looks bad you can blame my family, okay, cos they’re the ones that look at the designs before I upload them. I experimented by swapping the black and the white around (i.e. black text on white background), but it didn’t look as good and my mum said she couldn’t read it as easily.

I’ve separated comments and trackbacks using a nifty trick which I learned at Cre8d which I discovered at Gordon McLean’s. Trackback and pingback extracts no longer show up, but I won’t lose any sleep over that because they were always unreadable and you’ve got a link to the full post anyway. The only thing is that you can’t tell which pingbacks were actually generated by the Kramer plugin. They don’t show up well in general, so if you see a heading that says ’13 comments’ but there are actually 10 comments and 5 trackbacks, two of the trackbacks were from Technorati. Not great, I know, but I’m sure you’ll survive…

In the process I’ve also tried to make comments look nicer generally. I always find the comments section by far the most difficult part of the site to design. I don’t know why. I’ve also finally got round to getting ‘official’ comments sorted, so when I’m in the comments you know it’s me for sure because my words appear in a bright blue box.

And on to the bit that actually made me write this post. I need to apologise for the random Chinese spam that keeps on showing up. For some reason, although all the anti-spam gizmos I’ve installed work really well in general, they seem pretty back at tackling these Chinese ones. At least they only appear one or two at a time for the moment.

Anyway, that’s it. You know I had loads to write at the start of the week, and not enough time to write it. Now I’ve forgotten it all, or it’s less salient, or I just can’t be arsed blogging. Gah. I’ll write something decent soon.

Update: Forgot to say that I updated the links page.

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  1. Have you tried using a navy blue background?

    Navy with white text is very, very easy on the eye. Much more so than the opposites of black and white.

    Just an idea.