Voicing concerns

The Devil’s Kitchen has reached his 1000th post. To celebrate, he’s decided to literally voice his concerns.

It’s not quite what I expected. I was expecting some real anger, or at least some Charlie Brooker-style audible eye-rolling. The deadpan delivery did make me laugh though.

Moss vs. doctorvee I have been considering making a voice post or putting some kind of snippet up. But I’ve decided against it so far. For a start, I wouldn’t know what to say. And most importantly of all, my voice is awful. I sound like Richard Ayoade’s nerd-voice.

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  1. Mmmm; the trouble is that I find it difficult to get worked up just like that, and especially when I’m talking into what is effectively a telephone handset! I also found that it took several revisions to get something that sounded OK and, by that time, any bile was dissipated…

    I might try an more bile -filled post at some point…