I love my pretty boxes!

I saw this intereting story on Guardian Unlimited today: CDs becoming a charity case (with some comments here). It seems as though more CDs are being sold second-hand because everybody’s got all their music on MP3 players now.

Well I’m fully MP3’d up, with all my music stored on my computer and my iRiver. But I will never throw away those CDs. I love those pretty boxes!

Music sounds much better from a CD played on a decent stereo than on an MP3 player, and I am a sucker for special edition CDs and enjoy the artwork and everything about them.

And I am reluctant to buy MP3s. It just feels like a bit of a rip-off when you buy something that you can’t physically hold in your hand and say, “that’s mine”.

I have to say though, ever since I got my MP3 player my CDs have felt less valuable. These days they mostly just sit there on my shelves (in alphabetical order, naturally) gathering dust. The artwork doesn’t seem so important these days — I certainly notice it less because usually I just take a look at it when I’ve bought it, then never see it again when it goes on the shelf.

So are CDs dying out?

And what happens if your computer crashes and you lose everything? I know you can back things up, but at least I know I have all of the music safe and stored on something I can actually touch.

Yeah! At least we know our music’s safe on our CDs, right?


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  1. People said that about vinyl. I’ve still got over a 1000 albums on vinyl LP – many of them no longer available.

    I lkie my CDs and occasionally listen to MP3s, but there’s something tactile about a vinyl LP. Maybe I’m just getting old…