This is what we (used to) do

The BBC unveiled it’s big new marketing campaign, apparently their first one since Perfect Day (whoa, that’s about ten years, huh?).

It’s a nice idea. I like the fact that they’re quite understated. Such a nice contrast to those unbearable Freeview adverts.

But have you noticed something? John Simpson ‘liberated’ Kabul five years ago (complete with ancient beige BBC News set). ‘The Office’ was first broadcast five years ago.

And I’m not really sure how much credit the BBC can really claim for Ricky Gervais. They say that he never acted or wrote a sitcom before, but he was hardly a comedy newcomer when The Office hit the screens. Remember Meet Ricky Gervais? The 11 O’Clock Show? I’d even say he was acting on those programmes, because he was kind of playing an ego-centric, sometimes bigoted, quasi-David Brent on those programmes. And let’s face it, if Ricky Gervais was a genuine newcomer they’d have shoved him on some graveyard slot on BBC Three.

I reckon Channel 4 has a far better claim to being an innovative broadcaster promoting new talent. Then again, the BBC would never in a million years of months of Sundays screen one episode of The Friday Night Project, never mind three whole series. So I salute the BBC!


  1. Administratively, the Young Ones was classed as “light entertainment” by the BBC, but that’s only because the producers found out that LE got a higher budget than comedy at the Beeb. This is why you get the band-playing-in-the-kitchen interlude halfway through. I’m of the generation that quoted bits of the show at each other in the school playground the next morning.