David Cameron the digital politician

David Cameron’s budget counter-speech contained a ridiculous metaphor.

He is an analogue politician in a digital age.

I bet David Cameron was listening to his iPod when that great line hit him. Robert Sharp outlines how analogue is actually, like, good.

David Cameron used to work for Carlton, and they knew all about digital.

While we’re on the budget, why is it the Leader of the Opposition and not the Shadow Chancellor who responds to the budget? Of course, it hasn’t always been the case


  1. Ever been accused of over-analysing an analogy?

    But you’re right, of course, digital is only ever an approximation while analogue, for all its faults in implementation, is a smooth curve of signal…

    But digital is modern and new!

  2. I’m actually very annoyed at Cameron right now: he’s put me off the idea of getting Freeview for the forseeable future. The next time I see a digibox in Currys, the first thing I’ll be thinking is how modern, compassionate and relevant it is, rather than what an excellent range of channels it provides.