New BOC EP due in June!

Well, this has come out of the blue — Boards of Canada have an EP coming out, called Trans Canada Highway.

The wait has been much shorter this time around. Despite the fact that I found ‘The Campfire Headphase‘ slightly disappointing, I’m very excited by this news. Warp has some info here — I love that cover!

The lead track is ‘Dayvan Cowboy’, which was one of the best tracks from the album. What’s more, we’re being treated to a video of it as well. Boards of Canada’s artwork is usually lovely, so this should be a treat.

It will be Warp’s 200th single (blimey!), and will be released on 06/06/06. Do you see? This isn’t the first time they’ve brought the devil into it…

Pitchfork has some info here. Meanwhile, BOC’s own website seems to have been updated. Just when you thought Flash was finally on the wane, eh?

Via DJ Martian.

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