Just over a week after I complained about a story on Good Morning Scotland about a service station just outside Glasgow, this morning in exactly the same slot they did a story about something which feels quite local to me (we just need somebody from Aberdeen to complain about its irrelevance now).

It was about a stall that was recently set up in the Meadows, right next to the Edinburgh University campus. They sell (student-friendly) organic Fairtrade* free-range porridge with all sorts of weird and wonderful toppings.

I pass it quite often, although I’ve never bought anything from it. When it first appeared a few months ago there were these radio people were doing vox pops at it. They must have been asking people what they think of putting white chocolate on top of organic porridge. They came up to me, but I was very busy. Don’t they realise that when I’m in the Meadows I have important things to do, like listen to music?!

I couldn’t actually hear what they said to me, but I just shook my head and said, “no, sorry” (which you have to do quite a lot around the campus because there are always people handing out fliers for their one-legged stilts-man world jazz orchestra musical and circus act with free cakes). I could hear the radio person saying, “Thanks anyway!” though. Thanks for what? I was pretty unhelpful all-in-all!

Still, white chocolate on porridge, eh? Sounds disgusting! Golden syrup all the way.

*While we’re on the subject of Fairtrade, I heard that some Nestlé products have been awarded Fairtrade status. I hope this has made People & Planet members explode in a fizzbomb of confusion.


  1. Ah, just goes to reassure you that FairTrade is nothing more than a brand name for the alleviation of middle class guilt by people who don’t know any better…

    Did you see the Money Programme the other night?

  2. There used to one of those “designer” porridge booths next to the St James Centre. Don’t like the sound of a white choccy topping – give me the nutmeg+fresh-fruit+apricot-puree combo everytime.

    As to the Fairtrade-is-a-con comment – what’s an “ethical” consumer to do then, if they can’t rely on “brands” like Fairtrade? It’s an achievement to get Sainsbury’s, Asda, et al to stock THAT stuff, never mind something more “exotic”…