Blogspot and Bloglines — what’s going on?

Since some time yesterday every Blogger / hosted blog has been displayed with a red exclamation mark next to it in Bloglines. Which is bad news.

I’ve heard a lot of Blogger users moaning recently. But the feeds themselves seem to still exist so I’m kind of confused. Is Google / Blogger blocking Bloglines or something? What’s going on? I’d like to be able to use Bloglines to, you know, read blogs.


  1. I use liferea to read RSS/Atom feeds and have not seen a single problem. Bloglines was great when I was at uni and needed something portable, but now a desktop reader does me fine. I imagine the problem may be with them?

  2. Just one of those things, I think. Your own site was down on my Bloglines account earlier but is now OK. More sites seem to be recognised this morning than last night. Quite a few blogspot sites (including mine) are now showing as normal.

  3. Blogger has been messing up all over the place recently, but only on my blogspot sites, the ones on my own domain are working fine. I’ve been thinking of starting to use bloglines for awhile now, still not actually switched yet.