Guff Box

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Snuff Box, the new BBC Three programme from Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher (from The Mighty Boosh).

Well, it’s a bit crap isn’t it? I thought the first episode was okay. Maybe it just needed some time to get warmed up. But the second episode was if anything worse. It’s one of those programmes where they don’t seem to write any jokes. They’re more concerned with being weird and dark. I mean, the main characters are hangmen. “Look at me being dark!,” says the Snuff Box.

It reminded me a bit of The Armando Iannucci Shows. You can’t quite find your feet with it — it’s part sitcom, part sketch show. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although I think the only reason I thought it was like The Armando Iannucci Shows was because it had a very similar joke about ‘golf sale’ signs.

There were a few good moments. I loved the teach-yourself-guitar bit in the first episode (“Without the guitar there would be no music, no dancing and no magazines”). The presenter had an oversized hand, and it reminded me a lot of when I tried learning guitar with one of those videos when I was aged 10!* The bit in episode two when Rich was reading out Matt’s diary was also quite funny. But apart from that, the whole programme seemed to be half unfunny and half lacking jokes.

*In retrospect, trying to learn guitar so early was a serious mistake. My poor tiny hands couldn’t cope and I ended up just giving up immediately.


  1. Well, that’s the same as “Hyperdrive” – according to the buildup it was supposed to be on a par with “classic” Red Dwarf. Watched a couple of episodes, and didn’t get much more than a wry grin. Had more laughs out of an episode of “House” on Ch5, (which actually had some pretty funny moments in the first series).
    Ah well, back to the old Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and Red Dwarf, (before Chloe Annett joined the case) repeats…

  2. i Think snuffbox is an amzing show, you are a wanker watch the show and don’t care about judging it because it is pure class. Watch it!!!!

  3. Damn right ?Ali – its a great show, very dark and full of innovative and original comedy and ideas. Much like Armando Iannaucci show which I also thought was up there – there are a lot of shows which follow the same old paths and paradigms as we’ve seen before and these buck the trend. Snuff Box has a great mix of narrative, scetches, and character development held together by putting it in a surreal world where one can be employed as a hangman (with ‘God’ from The Acid House playing the priest!) and regularly drink in a priivate mebers club – great use of visual and verbal juxtaposition.

    It is also good to see them bridge the gap between Boosh and Darkplace. Fulcher is amazing in the live Boosh sets and Berry is the strongest comedy actor in Darkplace so good to see them write and act together. WHAT IS WITH THE SCHEDULING BBC???? Funkin dumb arses – they have only made a handful of quality programmes and to stick one of them late night on a weeknight with no repeat is stupidity (especially with the amount of 3 pints repeats which is just dire and so predictive – you have to be slightly demented to watch 3 pints)