1. Thanks for that. The man is an ego-inflated turd. In the years I’ve been visiting blogs and fora, I don’t think I’ve come across anyone quite so unpleasant. I notice that having had his nasty little attack moderated, he took it to his own site. His behaviour and the attacks say more about him than they do about the subject of his ire.

    He seems to think that I’ve taken the piece down because I’m embarrassed. Nope – it’s still there and still says what I wanted to say; as opposed to what Bob wanted it to say.

    What is it about the Internet that makes people think that they can go to someone else’s place, shit on their carpet and expect to be welcome for a second visit?

  2. Stunningly unpleasant man. I’d never heard of him prior to a week or so ago, but he seems to be one of those people whose ambition in life is to is to shout and swear a lot at other people, preferrably if they’re working for him. I must admit to finding his hatred of anyone not in the Labour Party quite shocking – which is a pity, because (from my point of view) the man’s actual politics don’t appear to be altogether bad.

  3. This sentence stood out above all the others: “you will undoubtedly appreciate, our task is to defeat our enemies.”

    Politics is just a competition to be won, with no regards to how you win, or even how you winning is of any benefit to anyone but yourself?

  4. “Politics is just a competition to be won, with no regards to how you win, or even how you winning is of any benefit to anyone but yourself?”

    Or even, who may suffer as a consequence.

    The bigotry is staggering, but at least it’s there for everyone to see. Hopefully the electorate in his ward, come this May, will see it, too. 😉

  5. Yes, I thought his line about “enemies” and “comrades” was very telling. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Politics is as black and white as that. No room for debate. No desire to seek consensus. No middle ground. Just points-scoring between enemies and comrades.

  6. Hey, nice to see you boys are having fun! At least now there is no longer any danger of the pretentious Longrider threatening to ‘like’ me. Still, whether my electorate decide to keep me or not in May, at least they’ve had a democratic choice. What platform are you children standing on?

  7. But then again, why do I need to make my own point when Piper makes it for me so easily all by himself?

    What does that comment even mean? “I’m a politician so I’m better than you”?

  8. No, it doesn’t. I’ll try to keep it simple for you. Longridrer said “Hopefully the electorate in his ward, come this May, will see it, too.”. I replied along the lines of, well if they don’t want me they can vote against me. That is their democratic choice. Others can remain self opinionated and not have their views tested. It doesn’t say “I’m better than you” any more than Mr Longrider’s comment said “I’m better than you and if your electorate are as bright and clever as me they will get rid of you at the next election.”

    I think the reason you have to let me make your point for you is because you are clearly, from the disgusting language of your post, incapable of formulating one for yourself.

  9. Indeed. But, then, what did you expect? A rational, thoughtful response? The man is a self-obsessed, patronising egomaniac.

    Once more, he quotes out of context in order to build his strawman. Pathetic, really pathetic.

    Given his consistent inability to respond to what is written (as opposed to what his bigotry would like to have been written) there are a number of possible conclusions; the man is really dense, he is deliberately obtuse or English is not his first language. Which is it, I wonder?

  10. You keep it up – every word you say speaks volumes more about you than the target of your childish attacks. Indeed, I have no problem with people browsing my sites – that’s why they are there. Plenty do browse and plenty give me good feedback, particularly where they have found it a useful resource.

    As opinions go, yours is not one I value. Clearly the leader of the conservatives on your council is an excellent judge of character – and, no, it is not something to be proud of.

  11. You know what, you guys are being far to harsh on poor old Bob. His stirling online evangelism has just convinced me to go and join the Labour party.

  12. What platform are you children standing on?

    Nobody on this thread is claiming a democratic mandate of any sort – please note that no-one on this thread has doubted the validity of your own mandate. Are you saying that we are not entitled to criticise you, because you’re an elected representative?

    Bloggers criticise both other bloggers and politicians. Given that you’ve been blogging since early 2004, I thought you might have picked up on that by now.

  13. To be fair, I don’t think that is what Bob meant. If he did, that would be a supreme piece of arrogance.

    Blogging has the potential for politicians to engage with the electorate and to communicate directly – if they have the will and if blogging becomes more mainstream. And, of course, if they are willing to listen, take note and be prepared to keep an open mind about differing views.

    The criticism here, though, isn’t about political beliefs, it is about how people behave when visiting others.

    I saw a good analogy of this elsewhere:

    “The way I put it on our blog, is that the comments section is like our front porch. It faces the street. You may drop in and join the conversation. But you are on our property and if you cannot respect the basic rules of civility you will be asked to leave or if necessary compelled to leave. There is speech which invites a conversation or at least a response in kind, and there is “speech” which is nothing more than vandalism. We harm rather than help the cause of free speech if we pretend the latter should be given the same respect as the former.”

    That pretty much sums it up for me.

  14. […] I totally disagree with that, as readers of this blog will probably be aware. While I disagree with it, I’m not going to go and start swearing at him in his comments section for saying it. I think he’s got a right to say that with impunity, if that’s what he believes. Evidently, Bob Piper doesn’t. Anyone who’s read his blog will probably have noticed the, er, adversarial, nature of his writing, which tends to stray into being downright unpleasant on a fairly regular basis. On this occasion, having put himself about over at Longrider’s place, he then moved over to Doctorvee to do the same. As I’ve said before, when attacking someone else in a comments section, you ought to offer your own take on it out of good manners (something Bob, I notice, hasn’t done yet.) […]

  15. Longrider stop being so hypocritical and go and play with your bikes. Ps. you are indeed correct, your website is indefinately a ‘useful resource’, I particularly enjoyed meeting your pet tortoises ‘Oscar’ and ‘Jesse’.

  16. Wow, it certainly takes a certain type of person to hunt down two seven month old posts for the purpose of posting (apparently unprovoked) personal abuse. This puts Bob Piper into perspective.

  17. By your own admission you have just proved yourself to be guilty of the same thing you accuse me of ‘Doctorvee’ – getting involved with something from 7months ago – (which, by the way, I failed to notice until after I had posted those comments). Besides, if you look on the other blog page you will see (and I quote) ‘apologies if you find this at all offensive, Longrider, I was merely highlighting your hypocrisy.’ What I said was quite clearly tongue-in-cheek, it is unfortunate that certain people fail to recognise that.

  18. Well you are fucking hilarious.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, this is my own bloody blog. What happens in any thread here is my business. Of course I am going to step in when somebody comes along to post personal abuse on my own patch.

  19. longrider, i agree with you, these two morons just dont understand a quality website when they see one, thanks to you i now know that being a weird little man who is self-indulged with his own stupid, unfounded views that bear no resemblence to the truth is great! You being a compleye twat has made me proud to be who I really am. I love you longrider

  20. Please get your own blog so that I never have to go through the pain of reading (and approving for publication!) any of your comments again.


  22. #8 Nightrider
    Comment made on 05/10/2006 16:08

    Also Longrider, why do you think you’re some sort of enigmatic Byron/Heathcliff character? To your choice of attire (ie. the jacobean shirts) I could say ‘each to there own’, but what on earth were you thinking when you decided to utilise that ‘Zorro’ style picture? Were you going for the mystical yet romantic hero look? I find it laughable, quite frankly. You call Bob a pretentious egoist, take a look in the mirror matey.

    #9 Nightrider
    Comment made on 05/10/2006 16:11

    Apologies if you found that at all offensive Longrider, I was merley highlighting your hypocrisy.

    (just thought I’d copy and paste my previous comments-see doctorvee I did apologise)

  23. Mark, I didn’t realise you were a writer! Any chance I could get a signed copy of felix domesticus? My wife is a big fan of yours.

  24. […] For reference, here are some links to Bob Piper in action in the comments here. And, from roughly the same time, at Longrider’s blog including the priceless moment when he accused me of being “tired and emotional” when I said that I prefered the Conservatives to Labour — presumably because only people who are mentally incapable could possibly prefer the evil Tories to golden boy Blair. This is what Jawbox said at the time. […]