March 2006

links for 2006-03-31 > News > Getting a date in Melbourne Is starting the F1 season in Australia a bad idea? (tags: formula-1 sport australia australian-grand-prix) BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | Prodrive among 22 applicants for ’08 TWENTY-TWO teams have submitted entires for the 2008 season?! WTF? (tags: formula-1 sport prodrive david-richards fia paul-stoddart […]

Quick admin roundup

A lot has changed since I last actually told you about any of it, but I’m sure you coped. I’ve not had very much feedback about the new colour scheme which I’m calling Ceefax. Maybe it’s cos you’re not interested. If it looks bad you can blame my family, okay, cos they’re the ones that […]

links for 2006-03-30

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Plane lands at airbase by mistake (tags: weird airport eirjet ryanair transport via:chris-lightfoot) News – Scotland – The wheels on the bus fall off and off Oo-er (tags: first first-bus transport scotland) Shuggy’s Blog: Israeli elections and proportional representation (tags: israel electoral-reform) subliminable.gif (tags: humour cartoons penis via:gordon-mclean) […]

Official: Nighttime TV is an error

Well that’s another blog milestone notched up. One of my posts has been linked on Wikipedia — an article on Nighttime TV. Substub which appears to refer to a broadcasting error, the only other reference to which appears to be here. Not notable unless a lot more information emerges. (Emphasis mine.) Just as well STV […]

links for 2006-03-29

Drop Shadows Not Bombs Nice! (tags: via:boing-boing t-shirt graphics humour peace) A (James) Blunt Message To A Subset Of Womankind: You Might Be Beautiful, But She Isn’t, I’m Not, And Your Manners Certainly Aren’t at PooterGeek (tags: humour sex relationships) QDB: Edgar Allan Poe + internets = funnies Hat-tip to my brother for that one […]

Radio limbo pt. 2

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I don’t know what radio to listen to any more. My experiments tuning into other radio stations have been pretty hit-and-miss. In the comments Simstim suggested Radio 4. Once you’ve taken Five Live out of the equation, Radio 4 is one of the most likely options for me […]

Voicing concerns

The Devil’s Kitchen has reached his 1000th post. To celebrate, he’s decided to literally voice his concerns. It’s not quite what I expected. I was expecting some real anger, or at least some Charlie Brooker-style audible eye-rolling. The deadpan delivery did make me laugh though. I have been considering making a voice post or putting […]

I love my pretty boxes!

I saw this intereting story on Guardian Unlimited today: CDs becoming a charity case (with some comments here). It seems as though more CDs are being sold second-hand because everybody’s got all their music on MP3 players now. Well I’m fully MP3’d up, with all my music stored on my computer and my iRiver. But […]

The smoking ban: nice, but it’s gone too far

In that post I wrote about blogging a couple of weeks ago I said that I’d never gone out and investigated anything in my life. Well I’ve turned over a new leaf because that all changed today. To investigate the effects of the smoking ban I went to the pub. Of course, I could have […]

links for 2006-03-28

Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Open door “The readers’ editor on … the cautionary tale of a citizen hoaxer” (tags: via:tv-forum news media msm citizen-journalism guardian sky-news hoax current-affairs) nuclear NIGHTMARES: Twenty years since Chernobyl (tags: chernobyl russia nuclear energy photography) BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | Paul Stoddart plots F1 […]