February 2006


I saw Henry McLeish at Kirkcaldy train station today. He looked absolutely miserable. I doubt if he was campaigning though; he’s probably had enough of politics. I wonder what he actually does now? That’s the second time I’ve seen him at a train station looking kind of glum — the first time was at Edinburgh […]


THE LIB DEMS WON. What was a “safe” Labour seat has been turned into a three-way marginal. How did that happen? Gordon Brown’s meddling perhaps. That’ll teach him to stand in Rosyth talking about job security. I hope Labour take this as the big “fuck you” that it clearly is. And this is also a […]

Google ads

Hmm, looks like Google have started using those annoying all-singing–all-dancing image ads. It looks crap; quite offputting. Is anybody else offended by them? I’ll keep them there unless people really object to them, but I never keep up with how much money I’ve earned by having Google ads there because it’s not an awful lot […]

Google Chat

Well, given that I wrote about it the other day without having actually used it, I’ll just quickly write my brief thoughts on Google Chat. It’s pretty nifty; quite impressive, and quite similar to what I expected. Interestingly, unlike in Google Talk, emoticons are actually there (in a sense!). I think that Google Chat is […]

Screen Burn TV

Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn column is becoming a television series. Could be one to watch, because Brooker’s columns often actually make me laugh.

FilmFour to launch on Freeview

FilmFour is to relaunch as a free-to-air service. This is fantastic news! Whilst there will no doubt have to be changes made to the channel (ie. the introduction of adverts mid-film), it is a much more useful way to use up a Freeview channel than More4+1.

Belgian GP cancelled is reporting that this year’s Belgian Grand Prix is cancelled due to improvements being made to the facilities. That’s a bit of a disappointment.

FSM sex

No! Blasphemy! Some wise guy has drawn a load of pictures of the Flying Spaghetti Monster doing some dirty sex action. Where’s the petrol, I need to burn down the internet in protest. (Via)