February 2006

More ITVF1 rumours

Pitpass is reporting that ITV are considering introducing advertising in a split screen for Formula 1. But I thought they always wanted to do that. Surely they would have to get permission from Ofcom, as currently broadcasters are only allowed to show text during adverts. If this were to happen though, it would be very […]

Aww wibble

Aww wibble. Labour lost an election so they’re off on the huff. I wonder why people don’t vote for them…


The big shiny new thingy that Tim Ireland’s been going on about has been launched today. BlogCode. Pretty cool, huh? I haven’t got any strong matches yet, but the top five at the moment all meet with my approval, so it seems to work pretty well! Powered by StoryCode By the way, why not go […]

More changes to ITVF1

More changes to ITV’s Formula 1 coverage have been announced, and they’ve done just about the worst thing they could do (apart from dropping Martin Brundle of course!). Tony Jardine has been given the boot. Shame. The Pitpass article suggests that there are more changes to come.

McLaren unveil new livery

McLaren have unveiled their new livery, and it is the world’s largest rear-view mirror. Also, it is fugly. I think without that extra red on the front and rear wings it would look good, but it just looks like a mess at the moment. Another red livery — just what we need! Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, […]

Simon and Miquita leave Popworld

AAAARRRRGH. Simon and Miquita are leaving Popworld (via). I love Simon and Miquita — they really make pop stars work hard for their respect. It is so refreshing compared to the endless sycophancy you get on other programmes. Weekend mornings will never be the same again. 🙁 Update: According to this thread on TV Forum, […]