February 2006

Seven songs and non songs

I tried to bugger off yesterday, but you won’t leave me alone. For I’ve been tagged! List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they are any good, but they must be songs you are really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your […]

Swearing illegalised

Watch out — the last time Owen Barder did one of these, it turned out to be kind of prescient. So let me just take this opportunity to swear really hard while it’s still legal: front bum.

Why do taggers tag?

Us bloggers, eh? Why Do Taggers Tag? Recognition Low self-esteem Peer recognition For recognition; a distorted view of “fame” See it in the community and want to try it too Hilariously, this list applies equally to graffiti.

This blog is officially closed

Sort of. Maybe. Not. Well, I don’t know if you’ve been able to tell. But recently, I feel like my heart’s just not been in it. Fewer proper posts, and that sort of thing. Ironically, the more the audience of this blog has grown, the more restricted I have felt as a blogger. If you […]

Defeating Labour, not New Labour

MatGB has an idea to get (New) Labour out of office. It is an interesting post. Firstly, though, a minor thing. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t about New Labour. It’s about Labour. We need to get Labour out of office. ‘New Labour’ is a snappy campaign slogan, and a method of campaigning. It’s […]

Voting day

Well today is voting day! What do you mean ‘what election’? Pah! Well I didn’t change my mind in the end. I came across this article by Magnus Linklater, my first preference. “I have no intention of playing the Scottish card, of course,” he says, although I think he has. His campaign website is tartan […]