February 2006

More evidence of The Day Today’s prescience

This is a post about DVD commentaries. I don’t know if this is firmly in the “obvious” category. I think three or four years ago, these commentaries were universally derided. Yet you rarely see any DVDs released without one, and I have seen people spitting tacks (of the cyber variety, on the internet) when a […]

BBC Three’s scheduling: real genius

I really don’t understand the scheduling on BBC Three (so-called because three is the number of good programmes on the channel). On the one hand, they fill their schedules to the brim with repeats, and repeats of repeats. I can understand this because BBC Three has a low budget. It also fills its pre-watershed (and […]

Chris Clark — Throttle Furniture

Chris Clark’s first album, Clarence Park, was one of the albums that really grabbed me when I was first getting into Warpy electronic IDM whatever music. He seemed to be an exciting prospect, but I didn’t quite fully get into the EP and album he released in 2003. Well, now Chris Clark has finally re-emerged […]

Liberty Central must keep liberty central

Okay, so here’s the promised post on Liberty Central. MatGB’s post last week seemed to strike a particular chord with a lot of people, me included (despite my initial nit to pick). It has a lot of potential, because it taps into the strange phenomenon whereby most bloggers — whether they’re from the left or […]

Don’t you realise that they’re British?!

James Blunt. He’s a bit of an easy target isn’t he? Doesn’t mean you should refrain though. At last week’s Brit Awards, Chris Martin went on stage and yelped these words of utter genius: “Stop giving James Blunt a hard time, cos, he’s British, and all that stuff.” I never even knew he was British. […]

So here it is

It’s still a little bit hairy in places so bear with me. This post will be updated. Update: Okay, pages could well be broken. I haven’t checked them yet, but chances are they look fugly. I’ll sort it eventually. The original thinking behind the redesign was to completely change the focus of the blog. I […]

Nearly there

Nearly there… Sorry if you’ve happened to visit when I was testing out the new design. It will have looked a complete mess, but I’m almost finished. But it’s late, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow… I have a mountain of posts lined up. In my head.

My Winter Olympics experience

My Winter Olympics experience: Walk into a room with the Winter Olympics on television. Say, “Wow! I love (curling / luge / bob skeleton / snowboarding / insert slidey sport of choice here)!” Then don’t watch it. I actually love the Winter Olympics, but I’m not catching much of it this year. I’m sure the […]

Keane depress to the point of violence

Clairwil brings us a Scottish news special. Don’t get too excited now! She brings us this story. The opening and final paragraphs are surely the greatest in news history. Clairwil also has this fine line: “Perhaps the A&R man who signed Keane could get a transfer to WMD International and regain some fucking dignity.”