Old vs. new Autechre

I meant to blog about this ages ago, but I forgot. I found out about this cool set of mashuper style things, mixing together the tracks from Autechre’s latest album, Untilted, with some of their earliest releases in the early 1990s.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to download the whole lot, but when I heard ‘LCC’ mixed with ‘Second Bad Vilbel’ I was super impressed. It’s certainly interesting to hear the old and new styles of Autechre juxtaposed like this, especially since so many people perceive such a big gap between their pre- and post-Chiastic Slide material. Some of this works really well, and some of it is rather more contrived. But if you’re interested in Autechre I’d give it a listen.

Via The Xylin Room (Ae LJ community).

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  1. I’ll have a ear-peek sometime, thanks for the link. I’ve always said that Ae have been incredibly evolutionary: everything makes sense in terms of what went before. The only “revolution” of CS, in my view, was that it was the point where they went “fuck it, we don’t have to make it danceable do we?” I’d place the more important milestone at LP5 when they switched to fully-digital equipment.