So here it is

It’s still a little bit hairy in places so bear with me. This post will be updated.


Okay, pages could well be broken. I haven’t checked them yet, but chances are they look fugly. I’ll sort it eventually.

The original thinking behind the redesign was to completely change the focus of the blog. I took a look at the categories, and I decided that I could split all of my posts very easily into six separate sections. The original plan was to see this blog as more like six separate blogs. Whether that works in practice is another thing entirely though! But that’s why those six categories have such prominence at the top of the page.

I haven’t yet decided if I’ll delete all the old categories, or even continue to use them. We’ll see what happens there I guess, but I might delete all the old categories if I decide against using them. Best to keep them there for the timebeing just in case. The URLs have changed though. Doh!

I think most other things are self-explanatory. I’ve got rid of asides, and the linklog is back! You have to excuse the bottom eight links at the moment, they are a hangover from when I used by account to store the links to articles I wrote for Speakers Push the Air, so it will look like any other linklog soon enough.

I’ve not been sure about that header section. That was another idea — to have fewer posts on the front page, and a big header with lots of information, links, etc. But I didn’t quite see the header being that big! Originally it was only two columns as well, so it was an absolute beast of a scroll just to get to the first post. If people think it’s still too far to scroll, I’ll have to have a bit of a rethink. Maybe I could make it collapsible.

I’ll also probably make an uber-RSS feed of death with Feedburner that incorporates posts, entries and LiveJournal entries because I know I have readers who use Live Bookmarks in Firefox, so they’ll be missing out on the linklog.

Well I think that’s enough explanation for the timebeing. Hope it meets with your approval. Remember I’ll still be tinkering away every now and again until everything is polished off as I like it. If there are any horiffic glaring errors though, please let me know!

Update: I should add that it’s been designed with Firefox in mind, although to the best of my knowledge it works reasonably (though not perfectly) in Internet Exploder. Opera is okay but not perfect (particularly those RSS icons… one to think about, Firefox and Opera are treating these differently).


  1. involved in Dick Cheney’s recent ‘troubles’ is called Captain Kirk! Fellow Captains, Mr Scarlett and Mr Planet must be keeping their heads out of the line of fire…for want of a better phrase. (Courtesy of Samizdata). In other news, DoctorVee’snew design is up and running.

  2. Random question of the day – you didn’t walk across the Meadows today, did you? I walked past someone who looked just like you but I wasn’t sure enough to say anything and potentially completely embarrass myself!

  3. Yeah, I did! At about quarter to 4. I can often be found in The Meadows, eating sandwiches and crying. And walking around aimlessly if I have too much time to kill.

  4. Yep, it would have been about then – fairly close to the uni. I must have given you such a strange look because I was trying to work out if it was you while internally debating if I should say something, plus I had a giant camera round my neck that weighed about three tonnes so I was giving everyone strange looks as I was slowly strangled to death!

    We should arrange to meet or something sometime. My flat is not too far from George Sq. It has tissues, is warm and sometimes all of the ingredients for sandwiches, but more often just fruit and chocolate. And flatmates you are welcome to kill instead of time!

  5. Yeah, we should do that!

    I’m getting quite good at making friends at Edinburgh over the internet as opposed to in the flesh. 😕 😀