1. it is a dog pissing on a tree. and really the dog is better, at least the rain washes away the smell, while the tagger (with his “street” name misspelled cleverly) lingers on. if you confront the dog about pissing on tree, it will look up at you as if to say “this is my territory, so this is my right”. confront the tagger and he will scamper away, because it is NOT his home, building or whatever it is that he is marring. it is not his territory. he has no right to do it. i have chased taggers down the street, it’s always been 2 or 3 of them and i am not a particularly imposing guy. they make tracks around the nearest corner and hide. don’t compare him to a blogger or graffiti artist ( of which i am neither) at least they might have something to say or offer.
    sorry if i seem to be ranting. i despise taggers.
    replies are welcome

  2. i’m sure i did. i just have no sense of humor about them and maybe i was venting in the wrong forum.