Voting day

Well today is voting day! What do you mean ‘what election’? Pah!

Well I didn’t change my mind in the end. I came across this article by Magnus Linklater, my first preference.

“I have no intention of playing the Scottish card, of course,” he says, although I think he has. His campaign website is tartan (although it is actually quite a nice tartan, that rarest of things) and his slogan is ‘The Scottish candidate’.

I met him last week. He was wandering around Potterow handing out New Labour-style pledge cards. He seemed like a nice guy, although I didn’t speak to him because I had to crowbar my entire social life for that day in an hour… That’s longer than most days. I’ve thought long and hard about what I would ask him, and I decided it would be, “What’s Andrew Neil like in real life?” I bet he’s a prick.

My friends don’t seem to understand why I’ve chosen Boris Johnson as my second preference. They want me to vote for John Pilger instead (?????????????????). Well, he’s gone fourth. The other guy is a bit of a non-entity, and he is being supported by EUSA, and I’ve chosen Boris over Mark Ballard because of EUSA’s decision to waste time and money on campaigning against Boris. Because they represent the students, you see, so they are campaigning against the most popular candidate.

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