This blog is officially closed

Sort of. Maybe. Not.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve been able to tell. But recently, I feel like my heart’s just not been in it. Fewer proper posts, and that sort of thing. Ironically, the more the audience of this blog has grown, the more restricted I have felt as a blogger. If you looked at this blog a year ago (not something I’d necessarily recommend; I certainly don’t have the stomach for it), you would probably find a far greater variety of subjects, and probably more enthusiastically written as well. Now just about all I write about is the news (which I hardly have any inclination to catch up with these days), the odd Formula 1 post, and a couple about technology (which I know nothing about).

So anyway. As egotistical as it probably sounds, I want this blog to be mine again. I’m going to try and have a fresh start. I’ve got a few ideas about how I’ll go about this, but it could take a while to sort that out. But I’m going to take my attention away from the blog for a little bit, until I feel ready to get back into it.

Now that I’ve said all that, it will be a weight off my shoulders and I’ll probably be blogging like a bastard from tomorrow onwards. Of course, now that I’ve said so, that won’t happen either!

Anyway, I’ll still be posting, but less often than normal, and it will probably mostly be asides. I won’t be making posting a big priority or anything until I’ve made the changes. I’ve no idea if it will work, but it’s worth a shot.


  1. Last time I said something similar I lasted about half an hour.

    Maybe our benevolent government could ban blogging in enclosed spaces to help us all break the habit? Oh, wait – after the terrorism bill they’ve already effectively given themselves the power to shut any of us down on a whim. Good good…

  2. Doc – keep up the good work! I tried my hand at a “personal” (not on the WWW) blog, and it’s damned difficult to keep putting in meaningful content without it ending up as a rantfest.

    Better make the most of it, in case Tony B decides to set up a Dept of Homeland Security a la USA, and model it on the Chinese way of controlling the WWW. 🙁

    IMHO, this site’s a “blue planet” in the blog-o-verse – superb! 😉

  3. I gave up blogging because I started getting death threats (real ones – late night phone calls, hate emails, etc) related to my human rights activities (which angered the SWP among many others). I wanted a low profile and didn’t think it was worth the hassle. I also understand the thing about trying to match people’s expectations when they link to you after you have written a particularly good post. This is made worse by identifying yourself. Perhaps I will resurrect my blog, but anonymously. If there are any cock-ups, no-one will know it was me.